Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I will be reading poetry at this event organized by David Hoenigman SUN Aug. 23 at Gamuso in Asagaya, Tokyo.
Please click here to read David's interview that outlines where he is coming from on underground art. And read more from the author of "Burn Your Belongings" in a recent Metropolis.


Abel said...

I'll be there. I've just moved to Tokyo more or less for the long term - if anytime you want to work with a dancer like me, let me know.


Welcome back. If you can make it to the event, would you be willing to dance to one of the pieces we plan to do? It is "Loving Younger Men," and the version will be close to this YT link

except the didge player won't be there. I am open to ideas, but it would be good if your movements can highlight the breaks/transitions in the piece, the flashbacks of the narrator's childhood vs. thoughts/descriptions about the lover. A lot of repetition would work the best. But the moves don't have to be literal in reflecting the "motions" in the words _ just the feelings. What do you think?
Hope to see you. Yuri

Abel said...

Well, you've seen my dance - I definitely have a style that can't be described as Modern (or Butoh by some people's definition), but I'd love to dance to this piece. I think the trick is to convey a certain naiveté in some sections (especially about the boy) that can fluidly shift into a different shades of sexuality and repressed violence - only to recapitulate again. As far as costume, do you think the traditional butoh codpiece only would work, or a more designed garment? Shiro-nuri or no? In a sense, I'd rather compliment the aesthetic of your work than be random noise. If you'll have me, I'll do it!

I like the Noh stage. I just spent the past nine months playing the Otuzumi for Noh almost everyday in preparation for a performance of Sumidagawa (in Honolulu) - - and I was struck by how the rhythms of your words, the African drum, and the digeredoo would fit the kakegoe and particular sounds of the Noh Hayashi. Sort of a modern "Kuse" section. When I purchase an Otuzumi (not cheap!) I'd like to try a few things with you in that style.

By the way, my new phone here, softbank is 080-4055-1871 - which is a two year contract and shouldn't change. Abel


Sounds great. Thanks. I think your dance would be really beautiful with the piece. An ornate costume may work well to accentuate the innocence theme you're talking about.
One thing: The place is very small (VERY SMALL as in very small Japanese performance places!) so please keep that in mind. Thank you so much.
My cell: 090 4594 2911
and cell email is:
PS I love the idea of the Noh kakegoe so please keep that in mind, too, for a future reading.