Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Winchester Nii Tete and Isaku Kageyama

This and more Good Music FRI Nov. 14 at Buddy.


Anonymous said...

Yuri!, hi!

i just stopped by to tell you that i've finished my second essay and that is now published on my wordpress blog. How've you been?


You are so prolific. It's great to see you are writing. Thanks, I'm doing fine. I do my best to keep writing, too. And you are truly an inspiration _ as are the musicians in this posting. Yuri

Anonymous said...

Oh no Yuri... i'm flattered, yet i'm just an amateur and still learning, to proove it, turns out i need to correct and add some things from my second essay (what was i thinking posting without a previous revision xD hahahah) so i erased the post. The new version will be up by next week i hope, and that will be the official post.

Is Isaku Kageyama your brother?... that's some interesting music they play, is it African inspired?


Let me know when you put it up _ though I can't really read it until you translate it into English.
I'm glad you like the music.
Isaku is my son _ I'm flattered you think he is my brother.
Winchester is from Ghana.
Isaku is playing Japanese music called taiko.
Both a bit different from Latin drumming but all great music!