Thursday, December 31, 2009

winning and losing

In sports, career, dating and other games people play in life, there is always a winner and there is always a loser. Most people spend their time and energy trying to win because winning is crucial to basic needs like survival. The fight of life is about reducing abuse and getting ahead. But how deceiving life can be. It is not really about this kind of winning vs. losing at all. Each and every life holds potential for being a different kind of win that produces no losers at all. Think about the certainty of death and think about what you value the most _ what gives you truest and purest fulfillment. Life is about yourself _ and only yourself. This kind of winning is about winning for yourself. It is a win that cannot be handed to you. It is not being defined outside of yourself. People can win the game of life, hoarding riches and status and empty feel-goodness and turn out a total loser in finding the meaning of life. When you create that music, that poem, that story that feels just right, and when you feel so very close to the meaning of life in that moment, that is a win. When you find that love with no reason except that you love, whether it's for your lover, your child, your protege, your art, the people of the world, or all the generations of humankind that come after you, that is a win.


Anonymous said...

Miss Kageyama, as always your writing is excellent, I love the way you can just find the right word for something that isn't all that simple to explain or to express. You know, most people don't get that winning and loosing part, I totally agree with you.




Daniela, I am so happy that someone like you will agree with this view.
And it is sad many people don't get it.
Thank you for your very kind words about my writing. You made my day.
Let us both hope to win in the true way.