Sunday, September 9, 2007

Toyota's Press departs for Chrysler

I was on vacation but back at work, although from home, when I found out late at night that Jim Press whom I've written about in this blog was leaving Toyota for Chrysler.
Press, an American, just joined the board of Toyota as the first non-Japanese three months ago.
It was a rather high-profile promotion as a clear message about how Toyota was becoming a global company.
Press' getting headhunted to Chrysler is a sign of how Toyota is winning respect in the industry.
But I wonder who'll be the next non-Japanese Toyota brings on board?


Anonymous said...

Press being head hunted by Chrysler is all about Jim Press! He's a brillant, dedicated, enthusiastic car guy and Toyota was lucky to get him when they did! Jim was smart enough to see the opportunity when he was in his mid twenties. He is the person responsible for Toyota's and Lexus' stellar performance in the US and one of the few, if not the only American the Japanese would listen to. The next non-Japanese person on the Toyota board--I doubt it will happen any time soon if ever! There is no one at Toyota that can replace Jim Press.

Yuri Kageyama said...

Press is smart, charming and everything Toyota needed to build its brand power and sales growth in North America. But can he turn around Chrysler? Is one person able to inject Toyota's strengths into another manufacturer?