Monday, October 1, 2007

Sony's new display

I played photographer as well as reporter at Sony's announcement of a TV with a new kind of display _ a world first.
It's OLED, for organic light emitting diode or organic electroluminescence display, which means that unlike LCD or plasma, the material is glowing on its own.
But the screen is only 11 inches, and it costs 200,000 yen.


Anonymous said...

I recently read an article you wrote for AP regarding the LCD and Plasma TV markets, specifically Pioneer. I'm curious if anyone has researched how many LCD manufacturers there are, and how they're are ranked in terms of manufacturing and sales. It's my understanding there are only a handful of LCD manufacturers in the world, perhaps 6 to 8.

I know Seiko Epson is an LCD manufacturer, part of the Hattori (spelling?) Trading Company, however I never see them listed or covered anywhere. Epson makes good quality products, who are they producing LCD's for?

I think this would be an interesting topic for readers.

Yuri Kageyama said...

Thanks for your suggestion.
Some makers are dropping out of LCD production, and so this means the stronger players are surviving, right?
Same with PDPs.
It's a fascinating topic to look into for a possible story.