Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tokyo Flower Children 5

Winchester Nii Tete hails from a famous family of drummers in Ghana. And Tokyo is so lucky to have him.
His playing is energetic, joyous, dignified, virtuous.
Behind him is Teruyuki Kawabata, leader of Cigarette She Was , a composer/lyricist who plays the guitar, percussion and other instruments.
On his right is Keiji Kubo, a language expert who totally respects aboriginal culture, and plays the bass/didgeridoo.
On Winchester's left is Haruna Shimizu, also with Cigarette She Was, who someday wants to have her own cafe-on-wheels.
I get in a lecture mood when I hang out with such talented pure-spirited people.
I have told Winchester he has beautiful eyes.
I have told Teruyuki his "Jounetsu wo torimodosou" is a great song.
I have told Keiji his girlfriend Akiko is "KawaYUUUUUI!"
And so, at the Pit Inn in Shinjuku, the other night, I told Haruna she must stick with the man she chooses to love because loving someone isn't about weighing the pro's and con's to get a good deal.
Too many Japanese women are still waiting for that deal _ like they are prizes to be won.
Love is not something you receive from someone else. It is all and only about your Self.
It's a lifelong battle _ like Art and Life.
Love endures through tick and thin, through sickness and health, through the good times and the bad.

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Roxana said...

oh I am truly happy to have discovered your blog! I have to take some time to read all the amazing stuff you've got here. I lived for 3 years in Japan and it was a tremendous experience, changing me in more ways than I could have thought possible...

Yuri Kageyama said...

Hi, Roxana
Thanks for coming to my blog.
It's great you got so much out of living in Japan.
Please visit my blog again!