Friday, February 13, 2009

Ara-Saa (short for Around Thirty in Japanese)

around thirty
you've turned the corner
past your expiration date
still looking for mr right
clinging to a sex in the city view on life
strutting the career highway on jimmy choos
while your market value drops
a chloe bag on an outlet rack
there's no space, get real,
between the cute nymphomaniac teen and
the victorious pregnant housewife
except for trips to massage salons
giggly ethnic dinners out with the girls
nowhere affairs with the married boss
stop wondering why
no one good asks you out
stop asking why
no one notices
you're smart, beautiful, on-the-go,
in top notch belly-dancing-lessons shape
and ever so available
life is not a Yahoo auction
life is not a Disneyland make-a-wish-list
you must stop
and ask yourself
how you can become
that person
who can love
without asking
in return


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, all the civilized nations - Germany, U.K., U.S.A., Japan, Russia, etc. - wanted to raise children who would hold high-tech jobs and pay taxes.

It was necessary to break up marriage in order to have both man and woman paying income taxes.

Therefore sexual promiscuity was made fashionable by the elites.

Decades later, your generation and later generations will pay the price: empty uterus, no kids, growing old without anyone loyal to you.

The civilized nations will shrink. And as they die, they will die in misery, with wrinkle-faced old women cradling robot dolls programmed to say "I love you Mommy."

Yuri Kageyama said...

What a scary thought! I always try to tell younger women that it is really worth it to have a child/children _ despite all the scarifices the effort involves. For too many years, we were told that childbreating is a threat to our careers. That being a mother was unprogressive and acknowledging defeat as a feminist and accepting an inferior role in society. That's sad because there is hardly any role that brings more joy than motherhood.