Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cute culture

How do you sell a car that's made by your rival and package it so that it sells for a higher price? Nissan's Pino is a picturebook lesson in how marketing works to place a product in the consumer's consciousness so that it becomes more desirable than what it is. What makes something cute? When is beige cute (fashionable) and when is it drab (yucky)? See a photo here of a proud Pino owner and her mom. And here. You may think it's about duping the buyer, but is it? A car is a car is a car. And what you pay for these days is as much about perception/image and experience/feeling as the THING you end up owning.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yuri!
Im sorry it took me so long to answer you! Deeply sorry!
To answer your question about robots well simply Yes.
I think when you inspire interest and love about something the people get more enthusiastic about it. Therefor the advance and progress in that subject is greater.