Thursday, March 1, 2007

Robot serves tea

Of all the things you can make a robot do, University of Tokyo is having it serve tea . Professor Tomomasa Sato is serious this is an important chore for robots as companions and caretakers. He says he doesn't like to ask a student or his wife to serve tea. He feels guilty. He acknowledges human beings are still going to do the most important caretaking, family interaction and yes, tea serving. But sometimes it's asking too much of a person. Another place to read my story and watch video.
Also here.


Anonymous said...

Beer robots, attendants, desk welcomers...musicians lol now tea robots :P
Looking nice!
Do you have a bigger picture of the robot?
Nice blog by the way ^^

Yuri Kageyama said...

Hi Frank
There's a slightly bigger photo of the robot here: http://www/
Robotics is one major Japan news story I plan to keep covering aggresively this year and so there will be lots more robot stories to come.
Do you do manga illustrations?